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European Parliament Vote Monitor

The European Union is a 448 million-people democracy.

Voters in all Member States directly elect the Members of the European Parliament to represent people’s interest with regard to EU law-making and to make sure other EU institutions are working democratically, making the European Parliament a key player in the EU decision-making process.

However, it is not that easy to monitor how 705 members of the European Parliament vote while in office.

All the information is available online. However, it is dispersed across multiple institutional pages, making information retrieval quite difficult and time-consuming.

Therefore, the Institute of Policy Making at Bocconi University, with professors Simon Hix and Abdul Noury, created the European Parliament Vote Monitor, a web application designed to easily visualize the results of votes in the European Parliament.

The app offers an intuitive user interface with in-depth analysis of the votes across different visualization options.

One can search for votes:

Advanced Search
  • By Title
  • By Vote id
  • By Policy Area
  • By Vote Result

Also, one can visualize data about a specific vote

By Country

By Political Group

By Votes

in Hemicycle

Advanced Search

Please, download all the visualization charts and share them on your websites or social media pages.